Privacy Policy

Terms of Service


  • Players must be at least 16 years of age to participate in any tournament or event hosted by Championship Arena.
  • Players must use their own game account. Account sharing is not permitted.
  • Championship Arena reserves the right to make rule changes before, during or after tournaments or events
  • Championship Arena will follow a 3 strike rule. For each strike you will receive a warning and a private message explaining the strike and why you received it. After 3 strikes your account will be placed in review.
    • Appeals can be made using thisĀ link
    • The 3 strike rule is followed under all Championship Arena Servers. (Ex. In game, Discord, Twitch Chat, Twitter, etc)
  • Do not post any NSFW material in the Discord, Twitch Chat or in game chat.
    • NSFW material includes, but is not limited to, Porn, Gore, violence, etc

Prize Pools

  • All payments are made in USD (United States Dollar) through PayPal
    • If your currency is not USD, you will be responsible for the PayPal conversion fee
  • Payments can take 24-48 hours to be paid out
  • Payments will only be made to one team member. Duos or Squads will handle distribution to the rest of the team
    • Player that is accepting the payment must be 18 years of age or older


  • No offensive player names, Championship Arena reserves the right to disqualify/kick any players with offensive in game or discord names.
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct is valid grounds for disqualification at the discretion of ChampionshipArena Staff
  • Players are limited to only playing on one team for the duration of a tournament or event.
  • During tournaments or events, your team must use the assigned discord channels.


  • Players are allowed to stream their matches for tournaments or events, but Championship Arena requires that you use a minimum of a 5 minute delay to avoid any ghosting or stream sniping.
  • If you choose to stream your matches, the title of the stream should feature Championship Arena and details of the tournament or event you are playing in.

Anti-Cheat Monitoring

  • Championship Arena reserves the right to monitor any players during the Tournament or Events.
  • Bans and disqualifications will occur for using any of the following cheats, but not limited to:
    • Speed Hacks
    • Wall Hacks
    • Aim Hacks
    • Teleportation
    • Using bugs or game exploits to gain an unfair advantage against opponents

Technical Issues

  • Players are responsible for their own technical issues. Ex: Internet connectivity, equipment failure, not being able to reconnect to game after a disconnect, etc