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What’s been happening?

Dr Disrespect has seen a lot of controversy lately as he was suddenly banned from twitch. His ban occurred just 3 days ago, he was banned (allegedly) for cheating statements and was also accused of cheating with a fellow streamer at twitch con. People are quite angry at this decision as the streamer known as Alinity has (publicly) abused animals on stream, showed inappropriate parts and has given her animals vodka which coincides with the abuse. This is all know by twitch yet she is here to stay, It is also argued that Disrespects personal life it not for Twitch to decide.  We don’t not know quite yet what is to come but hopefully he gets punishment for his wrong doings or is (hopefully) proven innocent. What are your thoughts?

Ninja talked about his thoughts on the  current situation that has brought light to the well known streamer FED. On twitter not too long ago he video himself talking about how “no means no”, he seemed very passionate about the situation and said he will fully support those coming out with their stories. On the other side of the equation FED says how his intention were never to act “maliciously” or “predatorily” towards anyone one. He continues to say how he is flawed and has issues that impede (stop/harm) his friend ships, he also links a website that can be used to speak out. Was he intentions to be bad and harmful or was it genuinely a misunderstanding? What are your thoughts on the situation. Also don’t forget to follow @ChampArena on twitter for more!

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