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Fortnite and aim assist

Fortnite’s controller aim assist has been an enormous problem for a long time, especially in the competitive scene. To many controllers seem overpowered to others they believe they are fair. But when it comes down to a competitive game you need balance and no matter what side you are on we all know it’s not balanced. Personally I take the side of Aim assist being unfair and overpowered. And no matter how hard I try I just can’t wrap my head around how it’s balanced or even fair on KB&M players.

I personally play controller for this reason. Before I decided to play controller competitively, whenever I would 1v1 my friends I played KB&M, but it got to the point whenever I played a controller player would hop in my box and spray me or hold L2 and spam me from far away. So I decided to swap and after 2 days I was already much better on the controller. Many times I just held down L2 + R2 and let the aim assist do the work. In Fact that’s pretty much all I do now.

A point many controller players bring up is that KB&M has more buttons however I would say that controllers are easier to use as every finger and thumb has somewhere to go on the controller and when using a scuf (Which I know not everyone plays on but if your a pro you really should.) you have all the buttons you need.

With such popular games like R6 having no aim assist I just can’t take side with the controller players on this one and really think that KB&M lobbies should be kept separate to the controller.

I spoke to TazerShotz a professional controller player and this is what he had to say:

“1. You have to switch between weapons left to right instead of just picking one
2. When building you have to get the building menu out
3. Building and editing is way harder
4. It’s harder to look around on controller
5. You cant even use snipers on controller 
6. Scroll wheel reset is op af

That’s just what I can think of, off the top of my head.”

How do you feel about controllers and aim assist? Tell us below!

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