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Is Fortnite Battle Royale popularity dropping?

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming up on its three year anniversary. The game launched in August of 2017 and has been going strong since. Fortnite is still on the top five watched game on and still gets around 200,000 live viewers daily, but compared to first year and launch this is a fraction of what it was.

Fortnite has had some rocky bumps in its history. For example, when Apex Legends gained popularity in early 2019 Fortnite had some really bad seasons that almost killed the game. Seasons eight, nine and early parts of season ten were all flops with the community. A lot of people hated the seasons. Now we see this happen again with the launch of Valorant. Fortnite’s past 2 seasons of chapter 2 have been too long and bland which is the perfect time for a more exciting and new game to burst on the scene which is what Valorant did, making Valorant the most watched game on twitch at the moment almost killing Fortnite’s popularity. 

There are many competitive events coming including FNCS, which is a game with players only in champion league in arena (the comp part of Fortnite) which you face off over ten games and the top players advance to round two where if they win that they win money. These are the best of the best players all across the world. Also they just had a major event collaborating with Travis Scott. This spiked their popularity to a major high. So many people joined to see the event. You can watch the event here

One last problem that I have to talk about is with the anger towards controller players. Many people including myself play on controller, and we get a lot of hate for it. Many PC players are complaining that controller is overpowered and has to nerfed. I do not believe it should be nerfed more than it just was in the most recent update. Aim assist not using advanced settings (which is what I am on) only helps with tracking and its not “aimbot”. Your crosshairs will not  move towards the enemy, but instead it slows down your sensitivity to help precise shots. It is balanced because while we have only twelve buttons and two triggers your mouse, which can be extremely precise, and your keyboard which can have many different combinations of key binds. Most of you are way faster at editing and building than us controller players which makes it balanced too. This creates a toxic view on controller players in the Fortnite community that is not needed. 

Why is Fortnite dying? It is dying from many bumps in the road, other games trying to take its place, and toxicity from the community.

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