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GTA V Alien War (Green vs Purple)

Two weeks ago a Redditor, by the name of StraightWhiteMale02, decided to team up with his friends in wearing a green alien costume in GTA V Online and hunt random unsuspecting players who were not wearing their outfit. The video blew up and got a lot of traction online with over 27,000 upvotes. The video seemed to die down. However, just under a week ago a Tiktok account, @greenaliengang_, posted a video calling for GTA V Online players to join them in the Green Alien army.

Thousands of players saw this video and have become part of their army. The meme quickly blew up overnight on Tiktok gaining over 300,000 views. But of course with every good hero must come a good villain and what better army than the Purple Alien Gang to do so. Within days these notable armies have taken over the entirety of GTA V and social media. Many other gang’s and armies have also grown however none to the large size of these teams.

I spoke to Bailey Spencer (@Spxnc04) an avid GTA V Online player and this is what he had to say: 

“Every lobby I have been into there’s been total warfare between these gangs especially around Los Santos Customs just outside vinewood.”

To make the meme even better, on the 15th of May we will see a war take place between the green and purple gangs at the Los Santos Airport. With many countries going into lockdown the last few weeks, I’m sure we will see many other creative ideas players will bring to GTA V Online and other games.

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