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Are Gaming Facilities going to become the new norm?

Nadeshot’s tour of his new facility

Everyone has seen the new 100T facility, and it is definitely something. The closest comparison this facility can draw, is to college football facilities. The main justification you can give to build a multi-million dollar office space, is that it will bring in new revenue. And the way to revenue in the Esports industry? Winning events. And to win events, you need to recruit the best players, and the best players are going to go where they can be treated like luxury. However, I truly don’t believe that the facility built by Nadeshot and 100T will really bring the desired appeal amongst professional gamers.

If you haven’t seen any of COISKI’s YouTube videos, they can be summarized quite easily; he gets in the shoes of a star highschool athlete, and tours college sports facilities to see why he should choose that school. And if you watch the videos, you can see first hand—the facilities are absolutely amazing. After watching the 100T new office video, however, I don’t get that feeling. By putting every aspect under one roof, although it is extremely convenient for the organization, it isn’t exactly appealing to the players. Maybe if it was laid out better I would have a different opinion, however it is so mismatched—gaming rooms next to meeting rooms next to the main work space—it doesn’t have the same appeal as a high-level traditional sports facility.

One of the main things that I dislike most is that it isn’t necessarily a “stay-all-day” type place. If I owned Esports teams, I would want my players at the facilities as much as possible. The new office, though, doesn’t have that feeling. There’s not a homey feel to it, it just feels industrialized and crammed together. And one thing that Nadeshot said that also isn’t the most appealing, is that the kitchen will have catered food every day. That’s all well and good, and may be nice the first little bit, however how many places cater food so that it won’t get old? And what if they get food at Noon and you aren’t done doing your work until 4 or 5 and the food is either cold or gone? There’s also not much to do. The lounge area has an aesthetically appealing couch (although quite uncomfortable looking in my opinion), and 2 retro games. That’s about all you’ve got to do if you want to take a break from gaming.

Although my opinion means nothing, that sort of facility needs to be designed with the players first; not efficiency. Although it would be more expensive to make a more player-oriented facility, if you offer the best compensation to professional athletes, they will choose you over any other team. If that facility had, say, one floor dedicated solely to the gamers and one to production/apparel/streamers and everything else, that would be one improvement. If they also had a more custom kitchen, or even a personal chef, that would be more intriguing to a prospective signee. I remember FaZe Clan had a personal chef at their house, and I believe I remember hearing about Cloud 9’s CS:GO team having a nutritionist as a part of their crew. For a bunch of people spending their day sitting at a computer, their diets should be held to a higher standard than catered food.

And along with a better diet, another addition that could be made is more room for physical activity. If anyone there is tired of sitting around and wants to get up and move, the only option they have is to go play basketball. And as one who isn’t good at basketball, it isn’t fun to stand around and miss 95% of our shots. If they had pool tables, ping pong, foosball, or even a small gym with some free weights and a treadmill or stationary bike, It would be far more appealing to the elite Esports athletes that will win them championships.

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